Seat Sliders

The Performer seat mounting system is truly unmatched with anything else on the market.  By utilizing the already proven, front slider blocks, coupled with our custom designed seat strut posts and mounting swivels, the racer will experience just how easy it can be to mount and move the seat around in the kart.  Also with this design it is nearly impossible to ever have the seat mounted in a "bind", ensuring that you will have consistent results on the racetrack every time.


Another exclusive item that we offer is the custom designed Seat Saver Washers.  These keep you from ever having to worry about breaking a seat at the mounting hole as well as providing the racer with the ability to adjust the rear mounting height by a total of 2".  This can be done by simply drilling through one of the existing holes in the mounting plate and re-positioning the mounting bolt,  adjustments to your seat have never been easier!