About Us

Champion Performance Products has been involved in kart racing for over 35 years, dating back to the late 1980's.  Our father Stan Caroline Jr owned and operated a small engine repair business and during that time one of his regular customers asked if he would be interested in building a racing engine for his son's kart, and that is how it all began.

 Stan Caroline Jr at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway 1990

How it Started 

At the age of 4 I (Stanley Caroline III) began racing myself and have been hooked ever since.  In my first full time season we won multiple feature events and shortly after we won the track championship. 
Stanley Caroline III on the left with dad at Hunter Hill Speedway 1998
After a few years of racing on the local level we decided to venture away from our home town and try our hand at some pavement racing.  We won our first national event in 2002 by a mere .011 of second and in 2003 we won a National Championship with the WKA Speedway Pavement Series.
Stanley and his brother Anthony Caroline in Victory Lane
All of the racing that we had done up to this point was done with our father building the engines and us working together as a team on the clutches, tires, and chassis setup.  We had been successful riding chassis' from many different manufactures but now it was time to see if we could build and be successful on our own kart.  In the winter of 2004 we began to go to work on a design that we agreed would work well, while incorporating the changes that we felt were necessary based on our experience with the previous karts we had.
The first Sr. Champ kart that was produced in the old jig
Anthony Caroline's last new open kart of the old design
With the completion of this chassis we were able to win multiple races in 2005 on both pavement and dirt and also won the New York State Divisional Title on the pavement.  Needless to say this thing was just fast, it didn't matter where we went.  Over the next ten years us as well as our customers continued to have great success on this kart.  In the meantime we had taken on the responsibility of running and managing our local racetrack, Blairsville Speedway.
Stanley Caroline national event win at Chapel Hill Speedway in Jr. Champ
Anthony Caroline getting ready to hit the track in Jr. Sportsman Champ
Anthony Caroline hitting the track in Gold Plate 2013

The New Beginning

After a short hiatus we decided it was time to start racing again in the summer of 2019.  That year we had a purchased a kart from a local dealer and racked up 14 feature wins and claimed the track championship.  However we just weren't satisfied and knew that if we were going to continue racing it had to be on our own equipment.  That winter we again went to work, starting from scratch, on building a new chassis jig while making a few tweaks and modernizations from our original design.  Our new creation "The Performer" was ready to hit the track for the 2020 racing season. 
 Performer Serial Number 001
Feature win on our first night out
 Now after a few years of testing our new design we are very satisfied with results we are getting for both ourselves and our customers.  With multiple feature wins across all divisions on both our open karts as well as champ karts, it's safe to say this thing is fast no matter where you go.  In addition to being fast and having an endless range of adjustability, it is extremely user friendly for the racer.  We also take a lot of pride in our craftmanship and being able to offer our customers one of the most well manufactured karts on the market.